Terms and Conditions

Politics of Delivery.

All orders are subject to product availability.


If an item in your order is not available, we will ship the part of your order that is available. When that item is available, we will ship the rest of your order to you. Shipping costs for your order are non-refundable and based on the weight of the items you order and their location. The delivery date for your order may vary due to the carrier's shipping practices, delivery location, delivery method, and quantity of items ordered, and your order may also be delivered in separate shipments.

The days and hours of attention for EXPRESS service are:
- From Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 hrs (last time of receipt of order).

This service includes only one (01) delivery attempt by motorcycle.
The delivery will be made within a maximum period of four (04) hours from the receipt of the request in our system and as long as they do not exceed 12 km of travel (Lima 1 and Lima 2 zones); For orders with higher mileage (Lima 3 and Lima 4 zones) the response time may vary.

The schedules for deliveries for REGULAR service are:
- From Monday to Friday: Between 09:00 and 21:00 (order reception cut-off at 2:00 p.m., after this time, it is processed the next day skilled).
- Saturdays: Between 09:00 and 18:00 (receipt of orders on Saturdays and Sundays are processed the next business day).
This service includes two (02) delivery attempts.

Taxes and additional charges.

Additional shipping charges may apply depending on your location and the size of your order. You are responsible for all taxes applicable to the delivery of your order, including sales taxes, value added tax, customs duties, and excise duties. If there is any damage to the items you ordered upon delivery, you must contact us within 5 days of the receipt of your order.

Refund Policy.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order for a full refund or exchange for something else. You can return or exchange your purchase for up to 15 days from the date of purchase. Returned or exchanged products must be in the condition you received them and in the original box and / or packaging. No refund applies for Gift Cards.

Payment vouchers.

The payment vouchers issued by the company through this sales platform is a sales slip or electronic invoice, which may be required by the user of the service.

The issuance of the voucher is final, so after the payment is registered you will not be able to make any changes or modifications.


The application of discounts and coupons is not cumulative. Only one discount or coupon is allowed per transaction. Customers will not be able to enter a discount code if an automatic discount is already applied at checkout.

Formation of consent in the contracts concluded through this site.

Through this platform, the company will make offers of products, which can be accepted by users electronically and using the mechanisms that the same online ordering service Orgäanika Coffee offers for this. Any acceptance of the offer will be subject to the condition precedent that Orgäanika Coffee validate the transaction. Consequently, for any operation carried out in this medium, the confirmation and / or validation or verification by Orgäanika Coffee will be an essential requirement for the formation of consent.

To validate the transaction, while you make the purchase process through the online ordering service, Orgäanika Coffee verifies the following:

a) The data registered by the customer in the online ordering service Orgäanika Coffee match those provided when accepting the purchase.

b) The address indicated by the user for the delivery of the product is within the delivery areas indicated by Orgäanika Coffee.

c) The price of the product.

d) That the order equals or exceeds S / .20.00 nuevos soles

e) The means of payment.

f) That the virtual store has the product available.

The data validation is done in real time, the system is built to make the validations during the purchase process. At the end of the purchase, Orgäanika Coffee displays an order confirmation screen and also sends an email to the account that the User has placed in their purchase order.

Dispatch of the Products.

Products purchased through the Orgäanika Coffee online ordering service will be subject to the Delivery Policies available in the Orgäanika Coffee online ordering service. The information on the place of delivery is the sole responsibility of the user. The deadlines chosen for dispatch and delivery are counted from when Orgäanika Coffee has validated the purchase request and produces the confirmation via the Orgäanika Coffee online order service platform and / or via email.

Validity, validity and stock of the products contained in this site.

The prices of the products and services published in this application are valid only as long as they appear in it. Orgäanika Coffee may modify any information, including the price, contained in this online ordering service at any time and without prior notice.